The Trophy Room

2002 Results - Spring Turkey



Pete Peterson (IA) & Bob Weselmann (IA)      Bob Weselmann (IA) with 2nd Kansas Rio

tag - teamed Rio's again in 2002    



Greg Dale (NY) with nice Ks. Eastern          Victor Librotory (NY) of SkyLine Camo with Ks. Rio



John Jones (NY) of SkyLine Camo with Ks. Eastern        Frankie Green (AR) with his Double

                                                                                                         (Rio and Eastern) 



Mike Jefferson (MO) with Ks. Rio and Trophy Ks. Rio



Lisa Sanders (MN) with her (first) Ks. Rio          James Cantrell (GA) with Ks. Rio



Bob Anderson (ND) with double of Ks. Easterns           Dana Peterson (MO) with Ks. Rio 



Brad Pawlitzke (WI) with Ks. Rio (a close shot)        Nate Cody (WI) with Ks. Rio



Greg Mittlestadt (WI) with Ks. Rio                Chad Cook (WI) with Ks. Rio



Eric Mittlestadt (WI) with Ks. Rio                Richie Belotti (NJ) with Ks. Rio


David Lang (CO) with Ks. Rio


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