The Trophy Room

2003 Results - Spring Turkey



Kevin & Lisa Sanders (MN) with Ks. Eastern & Rio ~~~ Kevin Sanders with Triple-bearded Eastern


Don Riviello (NY) with Trophy Rio


Larry Bystrom (CO) with 2 Ks. Rios, 1 shot



Justin Bystrom (CO) with 1st Ks. Rio and 2nd Trophy Ks. Rio



Lynn Smith (IL) with 2 Ks. Rios, 1 shot and with Trophy Ks. Rio



Chris Nenne (IL) with Trophy Ks. Rios



Rich Belotti (NJ) with Trophy Ks. Eastern



Trudy Belotti (NJ) with Ks. Rio and Trophy Ks. Eastern



Mike Pestka (MN) with his & his dad Glenn's Trophy Ks. Easterns and with Trophy Ks. Rio



Justin Sewell (AR) with Ks. Eastern and Trophy Ks. Rio



Todd Loftin (AR) with Ks. Rios




Lutz with pair of Ks. Rios



Stan with his Ks. Rio


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