The Trophy Room

2004 Results - Spring Turkey


Aaron Mittlestadt (WI)


Brad Pawlitzke (WI)


Chad Cook (WI)


Nate Cody (WI)


Dewey Butterfield (WI)


Greg Mittlestadt (WI)


Eric Mittlestadt (WI)


Pete Peterson and Bob Weselmann (IA)


Don Riviello (NY)


Lynn Smith (IL)


Justin Bystrom (CO)


Larry Bystrom (CO)


Trudy Bellotti (NJ)


Rich Bellotti (NJ)



Harley Brogren (MN) ~~ 1st and 2nd birds



Anthony Fiore (NY) ~~ 1st and 2nd birds


Nino Como and Frank Maddalenas (NY)


Joe Maddalena (NY) & Guide Rich Reith

with 2 Trophy Toms




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